I’m annoyed today.

 Mostly with people in a general sense. I wonder how it is that people expect to get anywhere in the world, in their own lives, their careers, their relationships..etc, etc… when they expect the world of others but don’t hold themselves to their own standards.

You reap what you sow people.

People’s warped senses of reality and complete selfishness scares me. It’s just so hard anymore to be married and raise a family. Everything seems to be working against you. I feel like the minority. People act like it’s a strange thing that my husband and I prefer to stay home just with each other in our own home with our family. I’ve had people tell me that I need a hobby, that I need to stop letting these things control my life, I need to get out and experience things? WHY? Cause you don’t seem all that fuckin happy? In fact, you seem miserable, like you just can’t wait to numb it all out. Yeh, where do I sign up for that shit?

People feel sorry for us,  because we so plain and ordinary. But we’re making it. We’re giving our kids a strong family foundation to grow on. And that to me, is much more appealing than anything else. There is no place else I rather be. Restlessness just doesn’t suit me.

I’m sure you’re wondering where this is coming from. I dunno. It just seems like lately, I’ve been faced with many people who talk about how they will settle down one day, how they are having their fun, they really want to be married and raise a family but just can’t find the right person….and what it really translates to is I’m really self-absorbed and wallowing in self-pity right now and can’t understand why nobody wants to create a tomorrow with the half-ass effort I apply.

Hello?!? – you can’t just check out emotionally at your convenience, cause it just doesn’t work that way.



What am I grateful for?

I won a Karate Gi on an E-Bay auction for .99 which I was gonna need to buy brand new for $36 from Pickle’s sensai. Plus, he had his first karate class last night and loved it. The sensai is very serious and Pickle was taking it very serious. He even remembered to bow to the room in respect before he left class. I was very much in awe.

and at the moment…. I really like Sir-Mix-Alot’s Baby Got Back. That song rocks.

And funny foreign films that make my husband laugh until he cries. That’s good stuff.

9 thoughts on “I’m annoyed today.

  1. I dont think there is anythign at all wrong with you wanting to stay at home with your family! You have to do what makes you happy, and that is obviously what makes you happy. It doesnt make it any less difficult, or less important. Being there for your children is a huge deal, and i cant imagine being a mom…that in itself is a hard job i am sure! And you dont get a raise for that…:)
    Be happy, Stephanie. Thats all i want for you, as your friend. Thats all anyone should want for you. If you can go to bed at night and know that you have done exactly what you were supposed to, then why does it matter what others say or think?
    🙂 I really like your profile picture by the way..very cute!
    🙂 ALICE

  2. Hi, I noticed your comment on my journal so I came to check out yours.  Wow you have a lot of the same opinions as I do.  At least where family is concerned(I’ve only read the one entry thus far).  You’re not alone, wanting to spend time with the ones that you love the most and hold dear.  It gets on my nerves also when you have people trying to make you feel like you’re a loser for not wanting to go out and party and act all crazy.  I don’t want or need that drama in my life.  I’m happy.  I think a lot of times people see what we have(you and myself and others like us) and are jealous because they don’t have it and dont’ know how to get it so so they try to make the happy people feel inferior.  Just my take on it. ?  Anyway, good job on the cheap e-bay buy and i’m glad your son is taking it so serious.  It amazes me sometimes when my son does really ‘grown-up’ things, lol.  Makes a momma proud!  Have a good one!
    Hugs and Blessings,

  3. Whata  colorful post you have today. If you guys are “plain and ordinary” to whoever those people are, I can ONLY imagine what we must look like to them.. F’em.
    Had I known you needed a Gi, I’d have sent you ours..My BIL is an instructor and the girls have one each they never use… let me know if you need another..


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