Well laid plans

Husband didnt end up having practice last night because the guy from NDE had some childcare problems or something.  So, he ended up digging a big ass hole in our basement for a sump pump because of our water problem and then he started a big blow up fight. I don’t know why. He was in a funk, maybe because practice didn’t pan out, but it wasn’t cool. After all I was supportive and encouraging. Its not my fault it didnt happen. Whatever, it’s over, Bygones.

Today we’re trying to finalize camping plans for this evening. We were invited to go camping with friends,  which would be more fun for the kids. Besides that Jedi has missed Mikey. I think the kids would have fun with there being other kids and what not. Then BIL has a lot of land and he wants us to bring the kids out and pitch a tent there, bonfire, cook-out, but then there’s no fishing and I have to worry about the kids going in/out of his brand new house, BUT it’s free and since we paid for all this sump pump bullshit…we’re kinda strapped. I dunno. I prefer good, ol-fashioned camping myself.

Guess we’ll see what happens.

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