I just need to focus.

This morning I’m already fighting off the urge to eat bread. Murphy’s Law- all the kids wanted some kind of toast for breakfast. And of course they each had about 1/2  a piece left. I hate throwing food away in the face of thousands of people really needing food and water. It bothers me. But, I guess there’s no way to ship out 3- 1/2 pieces of toast, or the last spread of peanut butter in the jar.

My JBob’s fiance’, Bobbi,  is in the Army National Guard and was informed yesterday that she is being deployed to New Orleans. She’s a very sweet girl whom I respect very much. Let’s hope they restore some kind of order before she gets there and that she’ll just be working on recovery. I just saw on the news that they had to evacuate the Superdome because rival gangs were shooting at each other?!? I mean, what territory are they trying to reprsent? Section 101, seats 1-12??? Geesh…

Think we might be taking the kids camping this weekend. My folks are going back to KY to visit my Nana. But since they are leaving tomorrow and coming back Tuesday…I can’t go. And the in-laws seem to have their head up their arse and couldn’t care less about having a family cook-out for Labor Day. Husband’s Mom usually does something but, she’s not doing so hot right now. I still wanna do something fun with the kids since thers an extra day off. Even if it’s only one night. It will be good ol’ quality family time. I need that right now. Need to refocus and appreciate all the things in my life as I and so many of us seem to take them for granted way too often.

I have an appointment to get my background check done for Pickle’s adoption @ 1pm with Job & Family Services, since that’s where he was born. Nothing to worry about there. Never been in trouble for anything, well nothing that qualified to be put on my permanent record anyways. What I’m really nervous about is this court home assessment that we are having in 2 weeks. I just don’t like being under the microscope. I personally, kinda think that some of this stuff is silly since Pickle is already my step-son and living with me and his father. You know if it were like an actual full-out adoption it would make more sense, but it’s not like they are going to decide I’m not a good parental candidate and take him away because his father will still have custody anyways, right? Just standard procedure with standard $$$ charges.

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