I am really tired of feeling like crappola.

I’ve decided that I’m not going to wait around for my doctor to run more tests and more bloodwork because obviously there is a problem in my digestive system that has to do with carbs, not so much sugar but maybe grain? I talked to my Nana a couple days back and asked her what foods caused her the biggest problems and she told me her biggest problems are with bread and anything containing modified food starch. So….I’ve been journaling my stomach problems along with my food consumption and it seems that I have the biggest problems after consuming these same things. This would point in the direction of Celiac disease or at least some type of gluten sensitivity and because of the family history and this being the direction my doctor is going, I think I’m just going to save myself a hundred $$$ in co-payments (Thank-God for medical insurance) and just go back on a NO BREAD, lo-carb diet? Bleh

I know a lot of people don’t think much of lo-carb diets but it is the only thing that has worked for me as far as weight loss goes and I just feel so much better when I eat less carbs.I dont understand it but I have more energy, I’m in a better mood, my sex drive is better…..and since going completely off of it and eating “normal” I just feel worse and worse.

That’s it – I’ve decided, cause I really can’t take it anymore.

Today I’m going to go out and have a carbfest, I’m gonna have all the wonderful starchy things a girl could dream of even if I pay for it. I’m thinking cereal for breakfast, maybe a bagel too… pizza for lunch ….hmmm, I’ll have to work a brownie into my day one way or another and let’s see… paycheck today and he’s got some overtime so I’m thinking….Cheese Fries and some of that fabulous bread @ Outback Steakhouse for dinner?

Oy! I’m gonna be sick.

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