Hurricane Katrina

It appears New Orleans has caught a little bit of luck as it wasn’t hit directly, but it’s still in pretty bad shape. I can’t believe how some people are actually out in the street playing in the water. That water is waste water and will make you extremely sick. I’m also thinking there must have been some alligators and other bayou stuff blown inland from that storm and well, that’s scary in itself.  Then I wonder….in the midst of such a tragedy when people could put their efforts into helping others why are people looting pawn shops and taking all the guns? Why are people looting at all? I mean, c’mon people! Have a little character. Shit like that annoys me more than I can put into words.

According to the Weather Channel this morning, the storm is STILL a tropical storm and it’s making it’s way into KY. That’s one hell of a storm. It seems we have this massive amount of rainfall headed our way.

Since we live in an old house we’ve had problems with getting water in our basement. Two weeks ago my husband dug up all the corners of the house and poured cement into them and extend our downspouts away from the foundation. This has kept it dry since then. Considering this storm is going to drop more rain in 24hours than we’ve had this whole month….I guess we’ll get to see how it’s going to hold up. I’m hoping it does cause I am extremely paranoid when it comes to these things and I worry about mold and all that crazy shit.

FYI- the movie “Alexander” SUCKS!  The only reason I watched the whole thing was because of Angelina  Jolie, who I admit I have a little crush on, and Jared Leto. There were some strange homosexual undertones that weren’t very subtle, which whatever but it wasn’t a good movie. And the only thing MIDLY entertaining about it was the raunchy animal  sex scene between Alexander and his barbarian bride and the little peek you get at Collin Farrel’s pecker, which I of course paused and played in slow motion.  Hey-  I was curious

8 thoughts on “Hurricane Katrina

  1. This will be our last child girl or boy.  Lucas jokes and says we have to have an even number!  Of course he doesnt have to go through the hours of labor and pain.  But thats a man for you! 

  2. *rib nudge*  in a month and half, you guys will make your own animal sex scene, Angelina be damned…  😉
    I don’t dig her.  I’m more of a Jennifer Aniston girl.  If I were Brad, I woulda stuck with true beauty instead of pure sexiness.  Beauty lasts longer…
    Good luck with the leaky basement.  There’s no shame in worrying about mold.  You have kids to consider.  It’s all right.

  3. I love Taking Lives and Angelina Jolie. She’s beautifull. WE loved mr and mrs smith by the way….also its BAD here….water everywhere…took me an hour and a half to get 8 miles.

  4. yeah,. i heard the same thing about alexander. i’m not a collin farrel fan and from the sound of it..there really isn’t a “big” deal about him anyway, haha! 😉

  5. i love angelina Jolie as well..i think she is incredibly talented as an acteess, and someone who exhibits such strength and character in her own life, as well as in the roles she always plays..
    I am sorry i havent been around much here lately…School has taken a lot outta me…and i have sorta started slackin on keepin up with everyone…
    But i am always reading!!
    🙂 hope you are doing well,ALICE

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