Small town moments

I was feeling a little stressed earlier this evening so, husband asked if maybe my Dad would come over and sit with the kids for a little while and I could drive out with him to one of the buildings he takes care of just to get a break.

It happens that this building is the tallest one in the little dive town he grew up in so he asks me if I want to go up on the roof with him and check it out.  I climb this  little ol fire escape type ladder and got up on the roof. It’s only 8 floors up but  it was just beautiful up there. It made the little dive of a town and all of it’s “Get er’ done” residents obsolete below. It just so happen that the sun was setting and it was breathtaking. For a guy with the romantic aptitude of a fish, he did pretty well. I didn’t want to leave because it was just so quiet and peaceful up there. The air was easier to breathe in, or maybe life was.

And then we returned to reality.

We dropped in to one of the many little hole in the wall bars. Keep in mind this is the town where he grew up and its small and he and his brothers seem to be notorious, so every time we go into one of these places, someone walks up and starts talking about old times and crazy stuff he used to do. I probably know all these stories, but I still like to hear them and watch him get embarrassed. It works out a lot because the bar owner at this particular bar is a buddy who knows him some how or another and so when we order a drink, he just says it’s on the house. And for good measure he makes mine strong. I imagine this is more so that I get tipsy and he gets lucky than for my benefit. Not that sex doesnt benefit me, but you know what I mean.

It’s times like that when I feel bad that he hasn’t played in so long. He has his drum set and guitar all set up in the basement and he’ll screw around every now and then but, he really should be playing more often. It’s hard for him, or us, to find the time between work, kids, house, school, homework, karate classes, dr appts, but I think I’m going to encourage him to set something up.

Sounds like this hurricane blowing into New Orleans is no bueno. Hope people listen and get the hell out. One of the things that has always stuck with me from school was this emergency preparedness demonstration about a hurricane of this magnitude hitting New Orleans. Folks, it’s below sea level and surrounded by water, a virtual bowl. Let’s hope this storms turns or dies down.

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