Due to Pickle’s developmental delays and special needs they asked me to bring Jedi in for an assessment for their preschool/early intervention program.

Turns out my Jedi is performing at or above average in every area of the assessment this morning, so he doesn’t qualify for free preschool. BUT they did ask me if I would like to enroll him as a playmate peer, which means that he’s actually setting an example for the children in the class who do have developmental delays BUT at nearly $200/wk for that privilege, I’m gonna have to pass. I guess now it will just be a matter of getting myself enrolled in school and hoping that the free daycare/preschool I’ve heard will be provided if I’m going to college on a Pell grant will pan out OR take classes at night when they could be with their Dad.

Jedi was really in all his glory this morning. I swear he’s my grandfather reincarnated. Social butterfly, talking to everyone! The other parents had a hard time separating from their kids, but JJ went right over and starting introducing himself….

“Hi, I’m JJ. What’s your name?” He’s done his Momma proud.

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