Faith restored

My faith in family and the human race in general has been a little restored.

Yesterday when I went to check the mail, I was surprised to see a card from my cousin, Li. It was touching and it meant a lot to me. Made me cry. She wrote some really kind things in there. I really believe that there would never be a resolution between the two of us and well, it’s nice to have one.  It’s nice when people are accountable. I have gained a great deal of respect for Lindsey because of that.  I guess all things really are possible through prayer and faith.  I’ll have to mark this in the column of things that I handed over to God and he came through on.

Today is Pickle’s first day of school. 3rd grade. That was a rough year for me cause I had a tough teacher. Ms. Ray. she was a hippie who wore those long crinkled skirts made of hemp or something, the peasant shirts, a peace necklace and John Lennon glasses. She had hair that went below her butt and the girls in class would spend recess brushing, braiding and putting flowers in her hair. She was a good teacher though.  

Got a little off track there. Back to Pickle.

It’s kinda weird for me, cause when Hubby and I first met…he was two. I remember his first day of preschool and kindergarten. He’s getting all growned up. I guess that was bound to happen sooner or later, but man, time sure does fly. And poor Jedi got all teary-eyed when Pickle left to catch the bus. I think he’s gonna miss his playmate.


5 thoughts on “Faith restored

  1. wow… i’m am SO glad you two are working everything out. that is awesome. family is so important and its wonderful that you guys will be able to get past your differences and start fresh. YAY!

  2. Good for you two.  I’m happy to see that you guys mended the hole in your relationship.  I know it bothered you, more than you let on, and I know it means a lot to you to have your relationship patched up.  🙂
    Trinity will eventually need therapy because you posted a picture of her naked on the toilet on the internet.  Ha!  Cute pictures, though.  All three of your children are gorgeous.  You should be proud.  (Like you didn’t know that already…)

  3. Your pictures were too cute! And…your welcome for the card. I saw it and just had to get it and tell you how happy I am we worked things out. Yeah…God does perform miracles ya know 😉 Love you.

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