1) What is your most treasured memory?

Hmmm….that’s hard. I think the thing that stands out more than any other memory in my mind was the  first time I heard my son’s heartbeat when I was pregnant. I can’t explain how I felt or what it meant but, knowing that there was this little life growing inside of me was just the most amazing thing.

2) You find a time machine, what would you do? Where would you go?

I would go back to when my mother was a little girl and I’d kill the bastard before he even got a chance.

3) Tell us about something that you regret more than anything?

My one regret has to do with a person. Someone I think I could’ve done without in life. Not letting him in would have saved me a lot of trouble and a lot of heartache. It would have also saved other people heartache. He is the only person in my life I could factor out without the same course of actions occuring. I know it’s been said that you shouldn’t ever regret anything that ever made you smile….but in the end, the hurt really outweighed that. Making the CHOICE to let him be a part of my life is my one regret.

4) If you could stop time for 1 day, what would you do? Where would you go?

 I think I would go to a bank, make my bank account really huge so that I could be financially secure for the rest of my life and then go some place beautiful like a beach, maybe Figi, watch the sunset, take over a luxury suite at some $12,000 a night getaway, take a long, warm bubble bath and sleep for 12hours or so….then return home and restart time.

5) If you could be famous for one thing…what would it be?

I would like to be the one to find a cure for AIDS or cancer or autism or Alzheimer’s, Pakinsons or epilepsy.

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