Randomness for Friday:

~ I filled out my FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) last night. Yes, I’ve decided to stop piddlefarting around and just start getting my shit together to go back and finish my degree.

~ My father in law ended up in the ER last night. He got stung by a bee and had an allergic reaction even though he’s never had one before. He got stung and then his face turned all red and he couldn’t breathe and when my MIL tried to get him to get in the car so she could drive him to the ER, he couldn’t get up. A neighbor had to help her. They gave him an IV, a couple breathing treatments and sent him home. Pretty damn scary for a bee sting.

~ Had a great night last night. Nothing special just me, him, our home, our couch, cuddling. It’s good for the soul I swear.

~ I love chocolate covered strawberries. I made some for dessert last night. MMMMmmmmm

~ When someone says “clean up the glass half empty shit” to me, I can only assume that it means they are telling me to stop being negative. I don’t feel negative…in fact I’m far from it. Yeh, I have bad days but who the hell doesn’t? and shouldn’t you be able to vent to someone? I don’t think being honest or realistic means being negative or for that matter that being idealistic and nonchalance means you are positive. Difference of opinion or outlook does not a character flaw make.  I’ve never put that burden on anyone. I’m just trying to me true to myself and that’s all I can do or expect.

~ Selah. It’s a word used a lot in the Bible usually following some advice or piece of wisdom. I can only assume that it means to reflect on what has just been said. Like WORD TO YA MOTHA! or something like that.

~Baby Girl woke me up this morning by jumping in bed with me and whispering, ” I love you, Mommy.” I couldn’t have requested a better wake up call.

~ Baby Girl has an appointment today to get caught up on her immunizations. Everytime that I’ve scheduled this appt. she gets sick and they won’t give them unless they are well. I really hate her getting shots. When they prick here she is shocked and she like sucks in her breath and opens her mouth to scream but nothing comes out and then there is the BIG sob. It breaks my heart.

~  Pickle goes back to school next Thursday. I made it through the summer!!!!

~ I really love my life. I have absolutely nothing to be bitter about.

~ I have cleaning to do that I’m procrastinating about.

~ I have a chick flick date with my mother this afternoon. We are watching “The Upside of Anger” today.

~ Yay! It’s Friday! Not that I work outside of the house and that my weekend is any different than any other day, but still YIPPEE!

~ Thought of the day: “Most people would rather be certain they’re miserable, than risk being happy.”

7 thoughts on “Randomness for Friday:

  1. I love the happiness of your post. I was noticing when you were here that you seem at peace with everything. That is so wonderful. I’m sure you’ll get tons of FAFSA $$$$ so you can be a nurse 🙂 Love ya.

  2. Thats great you are going back to school.  You seem more optimistic today!  I love it.  It puts me in a good mood. I Love life too.  Nothing is better than being happy with almost every aspect of life.  I have nothing to complain about besides that I dont get to sleep beside my hubby every night, but I know God is watching over him and will bring him home safely!  Have a wonderful day!

  3. I guess she thinks she can pick up where she left off!
    I hope Trinity does okay at the doc’s, Meah does the same thing, now every time I take her in she won’t let the doctor touch her and she screams bloody murder when they listen to her chest and look at her ears I have to hold her head and body down. IT sucks!

  4. Great post!  It’s uplifting to see you write the good things.  Too often, we all use this to vent our anger and seem to forget the good things…
    Going back to school????  KICK ASS!  Good for you.  You should really check out the Phenoix University programs.  They’re more expensive, but you can finish your degree from home, for the most part.  That way, no sitter for Trinity, and it’ll be easier for you because you can do it whenever you have time.  Unless you want the outside interaction.  Then go to campus, darling!!!
    *hug*  You made my day!

  5. congrats on your decision to finish your degree..i think thats great and will definitly be praying for you!
    thank you for your sweet words today…i appreciate you so very much….
    :)much love,ALICE

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