High Fidelity

I finally got a chance to watch the movie ‘High Fidelity’ with John Cusack Sunday night when I got home. I’ve been thinking about it a lot ever since.

The movie is about a break-up and how the main charcter (Cusack) thinks that he is doomed to fail in love and has been the victim in all his relationships. So, he tracks down all the girls on his “Top Five Break-Up” list (I might make one of these tomorrow) to ask them what the hell is wrong with him. As the film rolls on you realize he’s a pretty self-absorbed prick who strictly is in love with the fantasy of being with a woman. He chases, pursues, even obsesses about the girl until the real work is required and when the fantasy wears out and real-life sets in, he gets interested in the next fantasy. He’s kinda a “one-foot out the door, always keeping his options open” guy. And he thinks that’s the way to be because then he’s not missing out on anything. The thing is that he actually is missing out, because he’s not allowing himself to FULLY experience the relationships he is in.

The best part of this whole movie is when one of the ex-girlfriend’s friends actually finds out the REAL story about him after she had been supportive of him and took his side through the break-up and she walks up and screams…… “YOU ASSHOLE!” and then walks away.

My husband didnt understand why I thought it was so funny, but to me it was hysterical. Maybe its because I can see myself doing that, or more likely because there has been an occasion when I’d longed for anyone to call out my ex.

In order to tell you why this movie is so prevelant and why it’s been on my mind, I’d have to reveal more than I think I should without retaining my own dignity. That’s pretty rich considering all the TMI moments Ive had. But- I’ll just say that I dated THAT guy. You know, the guy who emotionally checks out after promising you the world? And it sucks. It sucks really bad anytime someone hurts you but even more so when they neglect taking any responsibility for their actions and then for added insult portray you out to be the villian to your friends and family.

Ladies- a little advice:

Any man who blames all of his past relationship failures on all of the past participants but himself – IS FULL OF SHIT!

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