This weekend was FANTABULOUS!!!

We got in Friday afternoon around 3pm and immediately went swimming, CANNONBALL! Baby Girl was afraid of the big pool, but loved the hell out of the little wading pool Nana had set up in the back yard. It was great to watch the girls play together. They are sooo funny. Plus, it turned out to be my Uncle’s birthday. He’s very ill but we managed to get him to the table for cake and ice cream. I made Hubby go to Ceasar’s in Indiana for a little gambling and although he didn’t win anything it left me and Ni and Li alone for a girl’s night in. We got a chance to chat and giggle and grab some much needed munchies from White Castle! (“Cause we just can’t seem to get enough f***in’ cheese in this vehicle”)

It was great!

Saturday night we all went out to this bar in Lousiville called Jim Porter’s. From the outside it didn’t look like much but we really thought it was pretty cool. They had like 3 different bars inside. It was like a dance club, a blues bar and a honky tonk all in one. I didn’t get to do as much dancing as I normally do when I go out, but the company was GREAT!!! We managed to take over the only two pool tables in the place and my cousin C and my Hubb played on one table….I think they were actually playing, while all the girls (me, my cousin (who fake IDed herself in- Glad she did), C’s girlfriend Taylor, and my Aunts) all tried to play on the other. We were all just a little buzzed and preoccupied talking.

I was ready to go home by Sunday though. Mostly cause it’s just really hard to keep a two-year old under control at somebody else’s house.  You know, it’s not like when you’re at home and they can just run around the whole place and play with their own toys….people have different schedules and all.

I hugged everyone bye and got all teary when we left. I love my family, I truly do. Driving away I was looking out the window thinking about how I didn’t get a chance to tell Li bye and how I wish I had when who do we spot in the rearview but my Aunt Che and Li right on our tail, waving and flashing lights to get our attention. We pulled over and I got to my hug which was important because for us this weekend came with a lot of resolution for which I am very thankful. It’s about damn time.

Only gripe: GAS PRICES!!!!!

It cost $35 to fill up my tank on the way down and another $45 to get home 

……………………………………….but it was worth it.

2 thoughts on “Louisville

  1. what a cute cute picture!! ANd i am sooo glad that things were able to be worked out between you and Lindsey…thats awesome..awww…*tear tear* thats great..
    🙂 have a great day…

  2. OMG I thought I commented on this post. Yeah I’m glad we had resolution and a kick ass time. I wish you all could come more often – it’s just so hard when you all leave, ya know? Once every couple years isn’t enough…maybe we should aim for once every six months. I think you all should try to come for Thanksgiving this year. I’m upset I missed Marc’s birthday celebration, sigh….but I was working my butt off. I hope we can be close again and stay that way….I think that we have finally reached a breaking point and that’s why I’m not worried about what the future holds. I love you..

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