Well folks, it seems the excitement never ends.

 I am off to the ER with Jedi for X-Rays because he has swallowed “money” (i.e a penny)


Jedi is fine, but I had to take him to the ER so we could make sure it was in his belly in not in his esophagus(sp?)? XRay shows it is in his belly, so most likely he will pass it. There is about a 1 in 1,000 chance that he couldn’t pass it and he has to have surgery. HOPEFULLY, he will not be that 1.

Anyways, he had a penny in his mouth? I don’t know why. But he did and he choked, was turning purple, I had to do the whole Himelech(sp?) thing, he puked but swallowed the penny, we went for Xray, he HOPEFULLY will pass the damn pesky penny.

<end edit>

Swallowed money

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