Last night, I ate mashed potatos with a SPORK! I was under the impression that these magnificent wonders were nearly extinct. I was informed by my husband after I gasped and made a HUGE deal over my spork that they are readily available at Taco Bell. He said if he had known I’d get that excited over the damn thing he’d have brought me one a long time ago. 

Here’s some useless info for ya cause you never know when you might be on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”

A spork (sometimes known as a foon) is an unusual kind of cutlery. It is based upon a spoon, with the addition of the tines of a fork, and sometimes the serrated edge of a knife. Canonically, there are three or four tines. The spork has been patented several times, the latest patent in 1994 by Hubert Gagnon, which will expire in 2012. The implement is the subject of several urban legends, one being that the United States military forced the Japanese to use them instead of chopsticks after they occupied Japan in the Second World War, while the other is that the Nazis invented them for use with field ration kits issued to German front line troops in World War II. Sporks are quite versatile and are used by numerous fast food restaurants and by backpackers, who carry them to avoid carrying both a spoon and a fork in their packs.

Apperhently there is a whole spork vs. foon controversy here on the internet. I suppose some people think that since the utensil most resembles a spoon that it should be phonetically represented with FOON.

Who knew?

In other news, Baby Girl woke up this morning and decided she didn’t want to wear diapers anymore, although she is not potty trained. So, it happens that I just bought her a pack of “Finding Nemo” underwear so we are trying them out. 1 hour down, no accidents.

MIL picked up Pickle yesterday  and is keeping him for two nights, last night and tonight. My parents are going to keep the two little ones for most of the day and bring Diva back for bedtime. Jedi will spend the night. So- I have the day off. 

My husband got called out on an emergency call Tuesday night and didn’t get back until 3am.  It sucks but it turned out to be a really good thing, cause he got $25.00 just for responding and then he got 4+ hours of overtime paid in his check yesterday. We really needed that money for our trip to KY next week.

10 thoughts on “Sporks

  1. i wasnt intentionally trying to leave a hint. I just freestream when write and i never edit. You could search if you wanted, but if you do figure it out, i would prefer if you dont leave any comments concerning me. Thats one thing that we agree on. We dont like to be linked. It makes me happier to not be. I am sure you understand. :)ALICE

  2. haha! yes i have used the spork MANY a times at taco bell. its all they have.
    good luck w/the potty training!!! yuna did so good and now she’s in some sort of regression… *sigh*

  3. SPORKS RULE! Potty Training…how fun….I remember those days…thank goodness they are over!! BTW Love the profile pic 🙂

  4. OH MY GOD
    I’ve often said that if I invented anything, I would want to be the person who came up with the spork.  Very odd, my dear, that you would post about sporks and their origin.  And I had no idea that there was a spork vs. foon battle raging here online.  I like spork better. 

  5. RYC: We are moving to the next city over “Lawrenceville”. Not far but it’s far enought that the kids have to change schools. I need to update because things went really well at school today 🙂

  6. hello, just passing through. congrats on the SPORK but now that I’m aware of the internet controversy brewing, I think Im gonna go with the FOON side of things 🙂

  7. Hmmmmm….Jessica Simpson….WAY TOO THIN!!!
    She needs a good meal! 3 times a day!
    but anyways………..
    Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment….it meant alot to me…thanks again!
    Have a wonderful weekend and keep smiling
    EP. x

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