UCK! I hate going up to that hospital. It just brings back all that anxiety from when Pickle was admitted. Just the smell of it makes my heart drop in my stomach all over again. But Pickle’s appointment went well. Dr. was very happy to see that he was back to being himself. As am I.

I will be thrilled when this adoption is complete and I can file the new birth certificate with the hospital and not have to go through this whole rig-a-ma-ro about consent for treatment and if legally they can accept MY consent.


I’m feeling a little bit apprehensive today and it’s not just about one thing. There’s several things pressing on my mind. But, mostly I’ve had the course that relationships in my life have taken in the last year or so on my mind. I’ve been picking the ones that have gone awry, apart.

I had written a big, long post about it a couple weeks ago, but chucked it cause it just wasn’t coming out right.  Thoughts about being a “best friend” but never having one. And that maybe “best friend” is something we stop titling after middle school because we forget how to be one.  That’s why I love Sex and the City. It’s one of my favorite shows of all times. You know why?

Cause those girls know what it means to be friends. They don’t always approve of what the others are doing but they do know that they’re friends above all else. They have their tiffs and they talk them out or drop them all together and move on because they know what they know about each other, not what they suspect or think. That’s the way friendship should be.

My husband made an interesting observation about that show once…..he said

You know, this could never happen in real life. In real life…Samantha would hate Charlotte for being so old-fashioned and faithful and Miranda for being so cynical and bitchy but would love Carrie simply because she didn’t judge her and she would talk about the other two to her behind their backs.”

I hate to say this but he’s absolutely right. Maybe that’s why I’ve always had close guy friends which is a lot trickier ot navigate when you’re married and maybe that’s why I sold off my complete Sex and the City Seasons 1, 2 and 3 on Ebay.

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