Whatcha talkin bout?


OK folks, here’s a little announcement for all of you judgmental whores who like to cast disapproving glances at complete strangers in stores because their 2 year old child is not behaving in a way that you would deem appropriate…

#1- No matter what I do, I can’t win with you. If I ignore my two year old and continue shopping, you will shake your head anyways and GOD FORBID! if I should try to discipline my daughter in public by saying “Stop it NOW!” in a stern voice or smacking her butt…cause then you’d really disapprove.

#2-My child having a temper tantrum in the middle of the store DOES NOT render me a bad parent. Please try and save the effort of your disgusted look for say a prostitute or something. This is pretty freakin typical of any child but especially one who is two years old and didn’t get a nap.

#3- She might have gotten a nap if I hadn’t been busy being a VOLUNTEER coach for both of my son’s baseball teams and my husband wasn’t required to be on call one week a month. I think I can deal with the sacrifice of a nap and it’s consequences if it means that I can participate in my other children’s lives, creating memories and building their confidence through playing sports and my husband is able to do what he has to to provide for our family.

#4- Children have bad days even with a nap. Sometimes they have colds, sometimes they’re going through a phase, sometimes their two, sometimes their just being plain ornry. An observation of my child for 5 mins, 5 hours or even 5 days would not render your opinion valid cause you still wouldn’t know them. You don’t see them when they come into my room in the morning and stand by my bed and say “Good Morning, Mommy.” and kiss my cheek. Or how if I stub my toe and cry they pat my back and say “It’s ok, Mommy.

Don’t ever assume to know my children or what’s best for them. That’s my job and I take it very seriously.


9 thoughts on “Whatcha talkin bout?

  1. Amen sista! I’ve noticed old women are the main ones…oh and snotty little rich whores who leave their children with nannies!

  2. dont worry about it, my dear. No parent is going to go their entire lives without having their children have a tantrum in a public place AT LEAST once…i am not even a mom and i am aware of this!
    ANd its not a reflection on you as a mom. Now if it happened ALL the time, then yes i would say there was a problem. But it doesnt appear to me that this is the case.
    I would think people would understand that and have sympathy with you, not bad thoughts against you. But there are always those few that think they know better/are better when it comes to children.
    Try to keep this thought in mind: For the most part, one day some day something equally frustrating will happen to them, and there will be someone out there giving them the same disaproving glances that they are giving you.
    Not much of a consolation, but it helps me a little. I am a firm believer in Karma…what you do now, will reflect later…and if you are rude, mean and ugly…better watch out…because you gonna have your own but bitten soon enough!
    🙂 God bless,ALICE

  3. Oh lord.  Know what I think when I hear a kid crying or throwing a fit in a store? 
    Somebody needs a nap…
    Not, my god, what a terrible parent.  And I usually cast a knowing smile, or a sympathetic little look at the parent, who then just shrugs at me like, well, it happens.
    F-em Steph.  You’re a good mom.  Don’t worry what the public thinks.  You know.

  4. amen sista!  I hate it when people (especially older women) try to tell you how to calm your kids down.  The worst is when you have a 6 or 7 month old that is fussy and they say  oh poor baby must be hungry! I absolutely hate that!  Some kids are just cranky when they are in public.  And another thing i hate is when people wanna touch them!  WTF is up with that?  I had some many people come up to me after my twins were born and said  ahhhh can i touch his foot?  Im like if it will make you feel better!  LOL  hope you have a great day!

  5. Iknow, Ihate it when people give me dirty looks when my child is throwing a fit, half the time I ignore’em and  they quite, but sometimes if they are really tired they just won’t quite and I just pick them up, so they’ll stop and the people will stop giving the I’m a bad parent look! Well people get over it, kids throw fits, don’t like it, stay home! Well take care

  6. YEAH!!!! You tell em!
    Glad you got that off your chest!   Feel better now?
    Have a wonderful monday!!
    Keep smiling!….It IS the law!
    Your English Prince in Shining Admiration. x
    cxxx|::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: >

  7. working at the grocery store I know what you mean. kids always act up there..its usually because its the last place out of a million they’ve already been with mom and they just want to go home already..
    I usually say shit to people who give me that look right there. but thats me. dont sweat it girl. you know you’re doing the best you can at the given time. people are just assholes..to put it politely.

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