Yucks and better stuff

I get so tired of having things wrong with me. I swear to God, it always seems like it’s one thing after another.

For one thing….I’m sick of bloodwork. It’s getting old. At this point I can tell a nurse what arm, what vein, what kind of needle, and what colored top tube she’ll need depending on what month we’re in and what test are being ran. That’s just sad.

I have AT LEAST one day every week where I am in the shittest ot all shitty moods. It’s like sporadic PMS all month long. And then I have been getting migraines again. Just out of nowhere BAM! migraine. Usually accompanied by excrutiating pain in the right side of my neck. Last night a really lovely migraine sent me to bed at 6:30pm.

My doctor says it’s stress and that I’m pulling my shoulders up when I’m tense. But when it gets bad the only thing that helps reduce the pain is Vicadin. Which #1, makes me feel like I’m stoned and #2, makes me constipated if i have to take more than 2 doses. That might have been TMI but I’m venting here.

And then there’s the fatigue….another thing that can spring on me in a flash. At top of the hour I’m fun and ready to go, even bouncy and then….30 mins later I can barely keep my eyes open. I swear its some sort of autoimmune thing, but the doc says while I have a little of this and a little of that, it’s NOS at this point.

Know what else I’m sick of? People…    you know what, not going there.

Enough bitchin’ about my annoyances. Lets switch gears!


My husband and kids are well.

Only two more games of Tball left AND It’s only 80 out instead of 100, which will make coaching 4&5 years old much easier today.

Only 2 weeks til I leave for KY and get to see my family.

Dad has a REALLY good job lead.

Pickle has been seizure free since starting new meds.

Ok, now I feel a little better. Off to do something productive while I’m upbeat. Thinking I might crank some tunes to keep the mood going.

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