Dieting sucks.

Really it does.

Especially when  you’re saving money for a trip and can’t afford to run to the store and buy foods that would make your life easier.

Why is produce so expensive? It’s almost cheaper to go to McDonald’s and buy a salad than it is to prepare one at home, but who goes to McDonald’s for a salad? If you’re going to be at McDonald’s it’s a little difficult to order a salad. For me hot McDonald’s fries = instant gratification. Whereas, when you’re dieting you must learn to be a pleasure delayer.

I’m not a patient person so I think, why wait to be happy when I buy clothes two sizes smaller, why not be happy now and eat the french fries now….I’ll start my diet tomorrow. You only live once right? But you might not live long!

Whwn I was pregnant with my daughter I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. I did the whole diabeteic diet thing, which made a lot of sense to me, but my hormones and chemistry was so out of whack that it didn’t help and I ended up sitting with a nurse, balling my eyes out at the very notion of having to stick myself with a needle EVERYDAY, several times a day. It ended up having to test my blood sugar 6 times a day and give myself shots of insulin 4 times a day.

It wasn’t fun, but my daughter being born healthy was well worth the pricks (teehee) but….it was a wake up call.

The morning after I had her the same nurse who had set up with the meter and made me cry, came to see me and explained to me that because I had had gestational diabetes..I would be at a higher risk of developing diabetes, especially since it runs in the family. I DO NOT want to be diabetic. It sucks. Carrying around the blood tester and insulin bottles and needles and having headaches, feeling drag ass, being cranky, being thirsty all the time.

Ever since I had my daughter my blood sugar levels are fine but I seem to have developed a problem tolerating sugar, actually any refined carbs. It makes me sick as a dog.

So, for me it’s not just about the way I look or what size my clothes are. In all honesty I have NO desire to be skinny. This is about my health….my life… to meet my children’s children’s children. That’s important to me. So the sacrafice WILL be worth it.

BUT………. Dieting still sucks!

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