Random Thoughts


Seems that everyone who means anything to me is going through hard times right now and it hurts my heart. Though I’m short of advice and help…I am thinking of all of you, always.

I just finished having a tearful conversation with my sister.  I hate when my little sister cries. I wish I had something better to say.

 Why do things have to be so complicated?


My Mom has offered to take me to see a movie tomorrow afternoon for my birthday.  I’m guessing Wedding Crashers wouldn’t be appropriate, I’d rather see Charlie & the Chocolate Factory with my boys, my Mom and I both are rather put off by Tom Cruise at the moment, so I don’t know what to see.

Any suggestions?


Today is predicted to be the hottest day of the year here in Ohio.

Just thinking that it is gonna be any hotter today than it was yesterday ….. makes me miserable, cause yesterday it was just plain nasty. About 94 and so humid you feel like you’re going to choke on the air. I’m thrilled, really.

Why is it ok for guys to take off their shirts anywhere they want, but not women? I mean, I know it’s the whole boob thing, but c’mon God only gave them to us for breastfeeding. ( Yes guys it’s true…..we weren’t actually graced with them JUST for your playful pleasure)

 I think I may go become a nudist somewhere today. Or at the very least, I’ll get in touch with my inner child and get in the kiddie pool.


My daughter just came up to me with all of my rings on her fingers.

“Look Mommy…..bootiful.”

9 thoughts on “Random Thoughts

  1. too cute. yes I was looking @ July. Sheesh! I remember Whitney being the love of my life, lol. buit I don’t remember that song. maybe if i heard it??! okay so we are on for friday the 12th right?!?!

  2. Awww, she is so cute!
    Mom told me last night that Christine wants to go out Saturday night. Are you going to the wedding?
    It’s suppose to be 98 here today!

  3. Too sweet. 
    Movies?  Hmmmm…  I’m thinking Wedding Crashers.  I’m sure your ma would get a kick out of it.  Though I do recommend Chocolate Factory, I get the whole wanting to see it with the kids. 
    Enjoy your kiddie pool time.  Wear sunscreen.  Drink lots of water!!!

  4. thanks steph for your encouraging comment. I left a little note on Nickis site that you will have to go read…i dont want to leave the same comment on both…but it just mentions the irony of the situation.
    I am not positive that i know who this girl is, but i am pretty damn sure i do..and it just…makes me so angry.
    Why is it that the one that does the heartbreaking always gets to be the one to get to move on first? And why is it that he can so easily tell me he loves me and that he doesnt want to date and then do it??
    why do people lie??
    i am done…i hope you have fun going to the movies…i dont really know what to suggest…I am not sure whats out in your neck of the woods right now…
    oh to let you know, you are now on my protected list.

  5. my little sis was having marital drama this weekend and came to church sunday all puffy eyed.. It broke my heart. Of course, It made me feel a little better that my marriage isnt the only one with bs.. I always thought they were fine all the time.. is that mean? anyway, stay cool if you can. Im still a fn jerk and havent read that book. I suck so bad. Kiddie pools noodie..good idea.

  6. charlie is good! I loved it…its different than the original. yes, wedding crashers would not be appropriate but is funn.y awwww whats wrong with sara?

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