I am having a KICK ASS weekend!

First off, Sherwood and Jo got in last night and they brought us all kinds of goodies. Sherwood brought me up a 17” flat panel computer monitor, Jo got me some of my favorite Victoria’s Secret lotion (she didn’t even know it was my fav).They also brought me fresh blueberries (my fav) from their farmer’s market and got the husband field peas (his fav – he’s weird). They brought the kids this big inflatable pool that’s big enough for all of them to get in. They got them bubbles and a keyboard with microphones, an ant farm, some horseshoes and some really cool Disney Store shirts. It’s so great to have them here and isn’t because they brought stuff with them. I like Jo, Sherwood’s fiance’, a lot better than his ex-wife.

It is very weird to watch the husband and Sherwood together though because they look so much alike.

Plus, everything got worked out yesterday so that I can go to Jason’s wedding next month. Since Jason’s wedding is in Indiana and it just so happens that most of my Mom’s family lives about 2 hours away in Kentucky. So now Mom is going to go with me, husband and Baby Girl to visit with everybody and since we are going to drive her up, which she was really excited and grateful for, she will babysit her while we drive to the wedding. It also just happens to be the same weekend that my cousin will be there with her daughter and my Aunt and her brother, who lives in New Mexico, will be up with his girlfriend too. So I will get to see EVERYBODY!!! And to top it all off, we won’t have to get a hotel room because my Aunt Che is going to put my Mom up for the weekend and my Uncle said we can crash at their place. I really couldn’t have planned for this to work out any better.

Favorite part of the weekend: It just so happens that Jo really enjoys going to yard sales. So, I finally got to go this morning and made a major score! I managed to find one on those little tykes white/pink plastic toy boxes for $5!

It really doesn’t take much to make me happy.

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