Hubby was driving home from a side job this evening and saw a sign that said LABS FOR SALE. He passed it and then for some reason he decided to turn around and check them out. They were chocolate lab puppies, EXACTLY the kind I’ve always wanted and so now he keeps talking about getting me one for my birthday.

Now, I love dogs and I would love to have one. Especially a chocolate lab, because that’s the kind of dog I always dreamed I would have when I was all growned up. And the kids want a dog REALLY bad as well. BUT…it’s a puppy. A carpet’s worst nightmare. I also have a problem with breeders and pet stores. I’d rather adopt. Plus it will need all the other dog stuff like food and shots and upkeep. It will be one more thing keeping me tied to the house. I won’t be able to go to Jason’s wedding for sure and then there’s also the fact that Hubby and I are planning a week away ALONE in October since we never got to go on a honeymoon. My parents are watching the kids that week and I can guarantee you that my Mom WILL NOT want to have anything to do with this dog. I’ll hear about it all the time and she’ll tell me I’m gonna have to board it while we’re gone.


But…..they are so damn cute.

See how freakin grown up I am??? I know that I shouldn’t do this right now, yet my inner child is screaming “PUPPY PUPPY!!!” and so I’m still contemplating doing it.


I am feeling MUCH better.

Hubby JUST NOW told me that the Dr. called me back this morning and said my bloodwork came back PERFECT.

Pshew…….. (((exhale)))

6 thoughts on “PUPPY!

  1. Hey….
    I knew it!!…..All clear…YAY!!!
    Very Cute puppy…my fav dog ever is a labrador!
    Kind of weird that you posted about a dog when my thought of the day is also pertaining to dogs and cats…..hehe!
    Great minds think alike I guess!…..LOL
    Glad you liked my tune…”I wanna….”
    Keep smiling
    EP. x

  2. I’m glad you are okay.  I hope you feel better, and whatever it is that is causing the headaches and such goes away soon.
    Get the puppy.  You know you want to.  And it’s sooooo freakin’ cute.  My parent’s have a chocolate lab, and he’s a great dog.  Very obedient, very well behaved, for the most part.  You just have to keep yourself in charge, and not be fooled by the adorable face.  😉  C’mon.  You’re an adult now.  Who says you can’t get a puppy?????

  3. RYC: I train in Tai Chi, Eskrima and Quan Fa Kung Fu.
    I used to do it about 4 times a week but when I started this job in London (2 months ago) I stopped going because I was always tired in the evenings.
    But now I am determined that it would be a waste of the years of training I have had if I did not continue!

  4. I say if you have the money to board it, then do it.
    You know I love dogs!
    You just have to be prepared for the cost and the crying at night. lol
    At least you have a fenced in back yard now! That makes it alot easier.
    They might sell fast though!

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