Went to doctor. She says these are the EXACT same symptoms/compliants she documented before.

So blood was drawn, put on stat lab. Appointment with Dr. who took care of me during my hospital admission being arranged.

Waiting to hear back from my doctor.

Going to take nap so I don’t get myself all worked up with worry.

4 thoughts on “Crap

  1. still praying for you, and of course you can come back and read my post whenever you feel up to it, and dont be afraid to comment if youd like..i dont mind!
    God bless 🙂

  2. RYC: I hardly ever subscribe to any email lists, however that ONE campaign letter came in and I felt it would be appropriate to put up because of the Live 8 campaign going on. The war to end the occupation…we have yet to see that happen.

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