My Saturdays are soooo busy. 

I coached two baseball games yesterday. Pickle’s coach wasn’t able to make it because of a family emergency and then of course, I coached my T-Ball team. And it was HOT!!!  Poor little guys. I made a rule yesterday that everytime they came off from fielding or batting that they had to go get a drink before they could go back out.  Pickle gets to try pitching in our next game. Very exciting.

I have this problem now where I shout so many directions to the kids on Saturday that I am usually hoarse until around Monday night and then off course I have practice Tuesday night, then I’m hoarse again until Thursday and then I have practice Thursday night and then repeat again until Saturday. This is exactly why I no longer have the ability to sing as a soprano. Small sacrifices, big rewards I suppose. I love coaching. The kids are great!

I made a drastic change to my hair last night. The blonde highlights that I put in my hair for the summer are now gone.  My hair is now a very dark brown with deep red tones. Color on box read: DARKEST MAHOGANY.  I must admit that I prefer having dark hair. So does Hubby. He kept looking at me last night and laughing and I ‘d say WHAT?!? And finally he said…

 “Your hair is just SO different then it was earlier. I feel like I’m with another woman.”

5 thoughts on “PLAY BALL!!

  1. That’s the great thing about hair dye.  You can be another woman, and Chris gets the chance to experience another woman, without the mess of extra-marital affairs!!!
    :::RYC::: I’ve noticed that we think alike, too.  Let’s take music taste.  We like the same musicians.  Just pick different songs.  It’s strange.  You’re like my other half, Steph.  πŸ˜‰

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