Wedding Invitation

Yesterday, I got an invitation to a wedding in the mail. It’s not just any wedding invitation, its my first love, Jason (a.k.a. J.J.), is getting married.

This is the boy I lost my virginity to. (((sigh)))

Jason and I had an on again, off again relationship (like all high school relationships) which ended badly when I found out he was trying to act like a tough guy and was starting to get heavily into drugs. If you knew Jason you’d know why I say ACT. He’s not a gangsta, he’s a goober! He acted like I was a nagging prude anytime I talked about the drugs, but the final straw was catching him stoned out of his mind, nearly passed out with this whore trying to make out with him. Then I just shook my head and left. His Mom had not liked me dating her baby, until she saw how much I genuinely loved and cared for him while we were breaking up.

She actually came to my work one day and apologized to me, telling me she had been too protective and had probably helped Jason turn away from me. Jason’s Dad had always loved me. He treated me like his daughter. I called him Poppa. We would go to dinner by ourselves at this awesome Chinese restaurant when nobody else wanted Chinese. He told me stories about when he used to bull ride and how he met Jason’s Momma. He would still come to my softball games after we broke up. It was just nice as a teenage girl to have another father figure around, who had to need to parent me because I had a father, but could just be interested in what I was saying. At that age you don’t always get along with your parents. Looking back, I know how much Poppa cared for me to provide this supplemental guidance. His parents actually still e-mail about with new pictures of everyone and I get a Christams card from them every year too.

The summer before my senior year, Jason’s Dad got stationed in Indiana. Jason had another girlfriend at the time and I had just started to get deeply involved with my best guy friend, Darryl. But about a week before he was to leave, he drove over to my house and talked to me for over 3 hours on my front porch about how much I had meant to him, how I had been so brave to go to his Dad confidentially to get him help for his drug abuse, that me doing that had saved his life, that he would always respect me and love me. And still even though we weren’t together  he spent his last night with me. We stayed up all night the night before he moved and went through pictures, watched movies and talking. It was probably the best closure anybody had ever given me in a relstionship. You couldn’t write better closure.

About a month after I graduated from high school, I went to see my Nana in KY and visited him and his family in Indiana. And even though I had a boyfriend, J.J.’s Mom actually begged me to wait for him. She wanted me to marry him. I told her that I knew Jason would eventually find the girl he was intended to be with but that I would always be his friend.

And I’ve been his friend many times. Jason has had his share of bad experiences with bad women.  It hurt me so much to hear him like that, I would cry with him and then we’d end up laughing at each other. I remember him telling me that he should have listened to his mother and married me a long time ago. I always assured him that he would find the love of his life … and now he has.

Nicole, is a very sweet girl and I know that she will treat Jason well and that they will live happily ever after.

I am truly, very happy for him. 

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