Today was the first game day for baseball.

My oldest performed well. His throwing has really improved and despite not getting a hit, he went down swinging. That’s my boy!

My youngest son had his very first t-ball game. YEH!!!! He did o.k. But, it’s difficult for both of us because it is also my very first season as my son’s t-ball team’s coach. So, when my peanut wants Momma to stop and coax him along, I can’t. According to the other parents I handled the situation very well, they were very impressed and I got a lot of wide-eyes and “I could never do that”s. It really wouldn’t have been so bad if it weren’t 90 + degrees + HUMID, cause orchestrating nine, 4 & 5 years really doesn’t need any added dilemmas.

It involves a lot of running around from position to position and giving pats on the backs and shouting reminders every couple minutes like “GET READY! LET ME SEE YOU READY! HANDS ON KNEES! STOP KICKING THE DIRT! WATCH THE BALL! HERE IT COMES! THROW IT TO FIRST!” lol. It’s funny, but tiring. We don’t count strikes or outs or runs, so nobody won. It’s all about skill learning at this age but I’m very proud of ALL my kiddos. Despite sweat and tears (and a little blood on a skinned knee) my kiddos toughed it out and finished the game.

Baby girl has an ear infection that kept me and her up all night.

I despreately need a good night’s sleep.

One thought on “Baseball

  1. I remember when I was your middle’s age, playing t-ball.  My coach had to remind us not to sit in the outfield picking flowers or staring at clouds! It’s so sweet to watch them, and how happy they get when they run the bases though.  So, so cute.
    Keep cool.  Get her ear fixed so you can sleep like a baby!!!

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