Getting three hours of sleep really bites ass. Especially, when you are required to wake up and deal with small children all day.

No sleep = no patience.
No sleep also = no ability to reason.

When you find yourself arguing with a 9 year old about eating a whole container of blueberries in one sitting, you’re definitely picking the wrong battles. And believe me at that age there are many of them.

And wouldn’t you know that the air conditioner was broken at the gym this morning, so aside from barely dragging myself into aerobics class this morning, I managed to sweat out any lingering energy I had. Oh, it was a rough one. Even the instructor was struggling.

Why am I so tired?

Well, I was settling in to watch a movie last night with husband and he said something shitty. I was already tired and that was my final straw. I turned off the TV, flicked him off and went off to bed. He then proceeds to watch the movie in surround sound at full volume. Then when the movie is over, he comes up to bed and wakes me up to talk. I don’t talk when I’m tired. It was bad. Then of course voices got raised, which woke the baby up who then stayed up til 2:30am. SWEET!

One last note: In the middle of arguing last night, my husband looks at me and says “God, you look so hot right now. I love your hair all messy.”
Men. Pfft…

2 thoughts on “((((((((YAWN))))))))

  1. Ha!  You look so hot when you want to kill me, oooo la la…  Guys are pathetic at times, huh? 
    RYC:::  Me, Chris, and Pingel, the guy we named our cat after.  Cute, huh? 

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