Back for more

Why am I starting to blog again??? I am asking myself more than you but if you must know,


#1- Blogging is all the rage and as a SAHM (that’s online lingo for stay-at-home-Mom, wow I’m gnarly) I have to do something trendy so I can pretend I’m not the biggest dork on the planet.

#2- I am always with my kids. It’s me and them. So, I don’t really get to talk about the adult (not porn) things that are running through my mind. Grown-up stuff. My husband is ok, but he’s a  guy and he doesn’t always get it.

#3- The reason I stopped writing was to cease drama production. I have since realized that no matter what I do, and say…the drama will continue. I just choose to turn the other cheek and move on. Life is so short.

So, here I am…..again.

3 thoughts on “Back for more

  1. awww, you make me blush with your comment.  Thanks, honey.  I appreciate it.  And you’re right.  HE did CHOOSE me. 

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