There goes the neighborhood

Picture me, standing on porch yesterday morning, sipping coffee in my “Born to be spoiled” mug in one hand, water hose in other watering my flower, in my leopard print PJ pants and “Wild Thing” T-shirt staring up at the sky because a helicopter has been hovering there for about an hour, when a bunch of cops go flying by my house sirens blaring, lights flashing….the works, followed by the county S.W.A.T. team!?!

Then my husband pulls in after work and says that he couldn’t get to the gas station up the street because the roads are blocked, there are people in the street looking very scared, and a S.W.A.T. team.

For a quiet town in bland suburbia, this is beyond strange.


5-Hour Standoff Ends With Accused Rapist

Man Allegedly Raped Teen

POSTED:7:47 am EDT August 5, 2005
Dozens of neighbors are back in their homes after a five-hour standoff Thursday. A gunman wanted on a rape charge barricaded himself inside a home and threatened to shoot police, NewsChannel5 reported.
The SWAT team was called into position at the home on Stow Road, officials said.
Police went to the home to arrest Howard Steinberger, 47, on a rape charge, involving a 17-year-old relative.
According to police, Steinberger retreated and barricaded himself in the home with a gun.
Officials added that he came out waving a gun in an effort to force police to shoot him.
After several hours, neighbors were evacuated from their homes and roads were blocked.
Steinberger listened to negotiators and finally surrendered peacefully, officials said.
He is charged with resisting arrest, inducing panic, disrupting public service and rape. He will be court Friday.
This happened right down the street from me. Right across the street from a playground that I walk to with my kids at least once a week.
Just goes to show you that anything can happen, anywhere….you just never know.

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