Miss Independent

Here I am at home, alone, on the 4th of July. It’s fitting I suppose.
Well not ALONE ALONE, because my son is here with me.

In fact he is sleeping on the bed right next to me. He looks so peaceful. No worries. I wonder if babies dream …

Baby boy and I went downtown, just the two of us, and watched an awesome fireworks show that was set to music on a local station. He was so excited. He kept waving to the fireworks and going “Ewwwwww!!!!!!” It was just a really great experience to share with him.
Also took him to his first parade today. I cried <–BIG DORK!!!! They had a float that replicated the scene at ground zero where they found the American flag. It touched me. Ok, lets move on.

Hubby was little more interested in drinking than spending time with his family so, I did the family thing with the baby. I can’t help the experiences he gives Pickle. I have no rights, as he likes to remind me but I can change them in JJ’s life.

So look at me: Miss Independent.

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