Murphy’s Law

I made the mistake of saying: “LIFE IS GOOD – I’m young and loving it.” and then BAM!!!!!!! It happens. Something, ANYTHING that can throw that statement back into your face.

For me it was unbelievable, unrelenting PAIN. It started on Wednesday, two days after my last entry, at 10pm. And after 3 trips to the hospital, 5 shots of morphine, 1 bottle of Vicodin, 3 Ivs and 5 blood test, nobody can tell me ANYTHING!.


3 thoughts on “Murphy’s Law

  1. Just stopping in…

    yeah it does seem funny that when we seem to be in a good place something has to happen to knock us down a few notches…youre baby is adorable! How random was that?

    • Re: Just stopping in…

      Thanks for adding a comment. It’s nice to know that someone can relate.
      I didn’t quite understand the “how random is that?” question. Forgive me, I am on pain killers, teehee

      • Re: Just stopping in…

        What I meant for the how random is that is that i went from commenting on your post to commenting on your adorable child! I was at work and extremely bored when I wrote that so my brain wasnt functioning very well either!

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