Identity Crisis?

I’m dying my hair an auburn red, I’m getting a new tattoo on Friday night and I am also considering piercing my eyebrow for my birthday next month.

So my Mom asks, “Are you having some sort of identity crisis?”

I don’t think so.
But oh my, what will the other Moms at the playground think??????
(insert severe eyeroll)


I feel like I’ve been on a diet my whole life. Since I was like 10? I find that sad. You know it used to be that I wanted to diet because I wanted to look like this person or that person. Then, I got to my ‘recommended weight’ and I looked like a tooth pick. I hated that more than I did when I had some meat on my bones. But since having the baby, I just can’t do it and the worst part is now I need to.

BUT- I hate waiting for results. Like, if I’m hungry and I get a French fries or brownies = INSTANT gratification. But now I need to eat foods that aren’t terrible tasting but they just aren’t … titilating to the senses. Now I must be a pleasure delayer. I’m not a patient person. But I’ve enlisted help so someone will hold me responsible if I don’t stick to it. And this person scares the hell out of me. So, that’s a BONUS!

This is the first day of the rest of your life

Ever heard that?

I understand exactly what it means today.

My family is coming to the fork in the road. However, we do not hold the key to the door in front of the one, seemingly gold plated path. Today is the big day. The interview with the president of the company. My husband is all nerves. If he lands this job it means a house, a yard, a dog, basically everything we strive for in our lives to feel like we’ve succeeded. It means less paycheck to paycheck struggle. There will even be money to out into SAVINGS? <–What’s that???

God knows the desires of our hearts, but his will for us is so much more important. Let’s hope his will is working with us today.

Murphy’s Law

I made the mistake of saying: “LIFE IS GOOD – I’m young and loving it.” and then BAM!!!!!!! It happens. Something, ANYTHING that can throw that statement back into your face.

For me it was unbelievable, unrelenting PAIN. It started on Wednesday, two days after my last entry, at 10pm. And after 3 trips to the hospital, 5 shots of morphine, 1 bottle of Vicodin, 3 Ivs and 5 blood test, nobody can tell me ANYTHING!.