What a week.

My poor step-son. The egg donor is pulling some kind of major head trip on him and it SUPER sucks to watch him struggle. It’s like watching a fish out of water.

He wants sooo badly for his “mom” to love him and take care of him and in a primal way, but the sad part is that she is so wrapped up in herself that she makes everything about her. If my husband says “Do you know why he’s acting like this” she automatically goes on the defensive. “How would I know what’s going on, I’m so busy trying to provide for myself that, blah, blah, blah, blah …
It’s just sickening.
So today we had a situation and I had to call her. She didn’t answer so I left my cell number and told her I was taking him to the hospital.

She never called.

This shit is so overwhelming. I cannot imagine everything swirling in his little head and hurt.

I am glad to be going out with friends, retreating from the trenches, having sometime to myself this evening. Im on a mission to act my age. The kids will be with the grandparents, safe and sound, and I am within walking distance to a bar and safe passing out place. No worries.
Now, I need a drink.

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