Men and airlines: complaints galore

I have some major things going on today that are really screwing with me. Mentally I am on the edge of insanity. Well, that may be a bit dramatic. Ok, ok…

I have a doctor’s appointment today for a “FEMALE PROBLEM” I’m terrified that I am going to go in and find out that I’m dying or will die and I have no idea why. Where is this coming from? The only thing I can think it has a lot to do with my Uncle getting so bad so suddenly.
Then my other great task today is that i have to call the airline that my Uncle had already booked a flight home for a visit through, which I already cancelled and received flight credits for, and I have to find out if we can use that credit to fly his body home.
That’s so morbid.
But, it’s too much for my Mom, Aunts and Uncles to process right now.
Trying to keep any somewhat sane thought.

I called the airline and am really put off that they can’t, or
won’t apply his paid ticket towards freight cargo, you think they could be a little bit helpful. And freight cargo is not a term I like in this particular circumstance. I don’t like any of it.

I was ok through the phone call but the grief hit me while I was eating lunch. I just started thinking of all the things in a day that I take for granted, how my Uncle hasn’t eaten in two weeks. Things have been put into perspective since this happened. That’s for sure. For me anyways.

It does put somewhat of a damper on what I thought was our BREAKTHROUGH in our marriage though. My husband is irreversibly NEGATIVE and selfish. Anything that takes away from my attention to him is an inconvenience that must be verbalized, negatively. Sometimes I just look at him, like “Are you for real? Did you really just complain about THAT?”

I have to question the whole ‘women are the weaker sex’ thing.

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