Happy thoughts

Went to the doctor’s today, and I’m not going to die.

And MORE GOOD NEWS if you can believe it, I got my state grant approval to go back to college. That made my day. I haven’t been that happy in awhile. Needed some good news.

I went to Lowe’s today and it brought back some very good times in my life. Made me cherish good friends and good memories. I know, I know, but yes, Lowe’s. It’s funny how places and smells can take you back to that one person in your life. Why is it that you can so easily forget some people, and then there are other people in your life, in your thoughts, in your heart that will always be there? Ever notice how those people are usually the ones that can/have hurt you the most too? Think there might be a connection but frankly, I’m too emotionally exhausted to dive into that. I just miss the little things. Well, I miss everything about him.

Anyways, yes, a venture into my local hardware store made me all giddy, like a teenage girl with a crush again.
It was a good feeling.
I thank God for moments like those, it’s makes life so much more worth while on darker days.

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