Life is really the accumulation of choices and the choices you make greatly effect your destiny.

My husband has a friend, his best friend, they call him Butch. They came from the same little town, they had the same interests, they both grew up without their bio-Dads, and they both drink. It’s a hobby, not just a beverage.

My very good friend is married to Butch. They’re relationship is tumultuous.

They, like us, have two kids, and have had more than their share of ups and downs. The difference was a choice. A choice my husband and his best friend both had, but my husband made the right choice at the right time and that has made all the difference. My husband decided to put all excuses aside, and try to be the husband that I needed him to be and the father that our children deserve. He’s trying. For that I am grateful. He is not perfect, we have bad days, but I love him so much for stepping up to the plate.
He found a reason to be better, instead of an excuse to self-destruct and that my friends has made all the difference.

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