My Uncle is in a coma.

I now know that his HIV made him susceptible to a blood infection and the blood infection caused a heart attack. Because his brain was without oxygen for too long, if he does come out of this coma there will be considerable brain damage. I guess everybody else in the family will learn about his HIV now. He would hate that. Absolutely hate it. People who he feels don’t support him being gay and would see HIV as his earned punishment from a wrathful God. I don’t know that thats true. I hope it isn’t.
It’s unbelievable.
This man is such an incredibly talented musician. He can hear a song and play it back. He has a beautiful voice. He has sung at all my Aunts weddings. We even did a duet together once.
One of my favorite Christmas memories is of him sitting behind the piano, playing Christmas songs while we sang along.

What I would give to be able to be with him right now.
My thoughts and prayers are consumed with him.

Waiting is the worst.

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