Let’s be honest

I wake up this morning and roll over and tell my husband, that I feel extremely nauseated, so instead of saying “Poor baby” or just giving me a hug, he tells me that I need to start eating better. Isn’t that sweet??? I could’ve gone w/out that.

In fact, I felt as though it was a hit below the belt. When your significant other says “I’m tired” or “I’m not feeling good” shouldn’t you comfort them not say “Did you take your vitamins?” ”
You should eat better” Is it just me?

Maybe it’s the way he said it…

Then to top off this moment, I got a dialogue letter this morning. Should probably explain at this point that my husband and I are in counseling. Our counselor told us we should dialogue, which basically means writing each other letters, and using “I FEEL” statements, instead of accusatory statements.

The best quote from the letter – “LET’S BE HONEST OUR MARRIAGE REALLY SUCKS RIGHT NOW”.
Isn’t that pleasant???
All because I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t tend to HIS needs. (sigh)

Today is going to be a GREAT day!

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