Facing reality

21 years old, 2 months married, 8 months pregnant.

At some point you have to face reality. You also have to accept it.

I really am much smarter than this. I knew things would never change, that he would always break his promises. I would never live the life that I want to with my husband. He will never be able to fulfill my needs.

Oh, how I believed him when he said he wanted the same things. That we shared the same dreams and yet, I couldn’t hear my own advice: ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS! Always have, always will.

All I want is to share my life worth someone who can be totally fulfilled by having a simple life, even if all he has is h is kids and his wife. I just want to raise my children and be totally indulged with them. That’s all I need…that’s all I want.

My husband will always need the party life, the “high” life. He can be a good man, but he is weaker than meets the eye. A strong man is the one who leaves his past there and doesn’t pleasure in the indulgences of his youth because he not only has responsibilities, but also has his fatherhood and would not dare to compromise that in anyway. He’s almost 10 years older than me for God’s sake. Why do I get it but he doesn’t?

I love my husband dearly. Much more than he has ever loved me if his actions are any indication.

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